Transport Management

We manage Transport Orders for all modes and flows (Inbound, Outbound, Reverse, Third Parties / Cross Trades) with partners: Carriers, Suppliers, Sub-Contractors, and end costumers. End-to-End Transport Management, from the moment of order creation to delivery at destination. Shipping data and Transport Documents management with all third parties involved. We provide a unique work place for collaboration, integration and standardization of processes, between partners through our own TMS Saas Web Cloud. It has different levels of interfaces and integration, regardless of the IT capacity of business partners and their location.

Digitalized work flow through: Data Capture > Plan > Carrier Choice > Data Transmission > Labelling > Traceability Tools.

Our scopes are:

  • Provide early visibility.
  • Increase data accuracy.
  • Reduce your costs through integration of data & documents from all parties.
  • Improve communication within partners.
  • Better deviation management.

Based on our independency and expertise, we offer added value to transport management by: auditing network, carriers and suppliers KPIs (OTD), generating projects for networking and transport procurement (RFQ).

Masterlog is on your side to support you on non-core transport management logistics activities, providing Innovation at Less Costs.

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