Check out our advantages

Masterlog is an independent 4PL Service and technology provider
Innovative Solutions on Far Less Cost
  • Innovative Solutions to eliminate Freight Bills Audit
  • Personalized Third Party Connectivity and management tools
  • TSG EDI and Coded Web Digital Platform
  • Flexible multi options of connectivity
  • Dedicated for Transport Cost Calculation and Orders
  • Task Manager Platform for inquiries and issue management with third parties
  • MLG Delivery e POD Management
  • And much more
Considerable Cost Reduction
  • Reduce Administrative costs and transform fixed costs to variable.
  • Reduce costs of logistics
  • Material flow optimization
  • Optimize transport costs and a better carrier choice.
  • Reduce invoices handling costs (internal and external)
Gain Flexibility
  • Gain flexibility to adapt to business fluctuation.
  • Get more independence from carriers/3PLs.
  • Get more power over transport market.
  • Easy and quick change of partners carriers/3PL (Plug and Play).
Optimize Efficiency
  • Cloud for connectivity and collaboration with third parties.
  • Single point of contact and standardized processes.
  • Early visibility and data quality.
  • Control on transport spend, reporting and cost allocation.
  • Continuous improvement processes .
Focus on Core Activities
  • Focus on Core productive activities.
  • Reduce non-core activities administrative tasks.
  • Eliminate waste of time. (Time is Money)