Freight Cost Management

Creative New Solution in Transport Process.

Nowadays, companies spend loads of money in controlling transport invoices due to potential errors on billing. Mostly made by: carriers, misinterpretation of price calculation or agreed transport conditions. Some already adopted an outsourcing strategy and outsource to Freight Auditors who bill a high cost for the process. This also means a big cost to companies and does not guarantee free of error transport invoices.

But this is something from the past.

Masterlog 4PL Solutions has created an Innovative Solution and Technology for companies and carriers to simplify process and eliminate Freight Audit.

Our scope with this new procedure and technology is to create an End-To-End process for Freight data and billing, without waiting for audit process.


Everything can be interfaced (EDI) with the companies’ and carriers’ systems regardless of their IT capabilities.

Our procedures and technologies are affordable and can be easily adapt to all types and sizes of businesses. Including Masterlog’s Freight Cost Management to your business will reduce administrative costs and waste of time by eliminating Freight Audit either internally or externally.

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