Customs Process

Masterlog’s solution is not to replace customs agents; Masterlog prepares customs data and documents in a compliant and standard way to customs agents. We provide timely communication of accurate data and proper documents among partners (shipper/receiver, 3PL/carrier) and customs agents.

We have connection with major customs licensed agents, so we can provide dedicated and specialized lean, and a compliance process. Hence, we ensure accuracy of your customs clearance, and we audit your HS codes and the classification of your products/materials.

We provide regular data cleaning and updates of your systems as part of our business support process.

Customs management integrates your exported goods to customers. We ensure that goods are correctly custom cleared in destination countries and matches special regulations, such as: free trades zones, SASO, Kukas, etc.

We manage customs’ export documents from origin country to match destination country. Masterlog provides visibility and communication of documents in a timely and accurately way. Customs’ declaration data triggered from customer data base and exporter documents > Communicate documents to agent > Alert, solve variances on customs data (classification, origin, …).

We control final customs declarations and provide periodic red flag reports. Customs’ records are archived for compliance and audits. The import and export processes are fully managed by our Control Towers, where we ensure: day to day operations, conformities of procedures, documents, deviations management, and, support to customers and end-user at final destination.

Our scope is to ensure compliance of the process with origin and destination country. The process is an end to end management and ownership of customs’ data, so we provide customers with ease of mind and cost efficient customs process.

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