Outsourced Logistics Solutions

Innovation at Less costs 

Masterlog 4PL Solutions is an External Logistics Platform to manage your operations with your third parties (Carriers, Suppliers, Customers, and External Wareshouses) through our innovative processes and affordable technologies. We manage: Orders, Transports, Freight Costs, Customs Processes, Risks and Logistics Projects.

The innovation for Masterlog 4PL Solutions means to provide customers with creative processes and affordable technologies to automatize and optimize communications and management of third parties: suppliers, customers, carriers.

Our innovative processes and technologies (Saas Cloud, Freight Cost Management, Transport Cost Seekers, and EDI Platform) will help customer to increase efficiency and largely reduce the cost of logistics.

Hence, Masterlog, with its ‘innovation’ and its ‘less costs’, differentiate itself from traditional 4PLs in the market, by being an affordable way to outsource your non-core logistics activities.

Outsourcing logistics non-core activities and using our dedicated service and technology, will help you to: focus on core activities, gain flexibility to adapt to market changes, improve supply chain performance and generate large savings.

“Masterlog is an added value and a cost reduction factor not a cost increase”

We build relationship with our customers only to add value to its Operations.

Masterlog fees represents a small part of realized savings and, therefore, will not increase your costs by any mean.