Considerable Cost Reduction

  • Reduce Administrative costs and transform fixed costs to variable.
  • Reduce costs of logistics
  • Materials’ flow optimization
  • Optimize transport costs and a better carrier choice.
  • Reduce invoices handling costs (internal and external)

Gain Flexibility

  • Gain flexibility to adapt to business fluctuation.
  • Get more independence from carriers/3PLs.
  • Get more power over transport market.
  • Easy and quick change of carriers/3PL (Plug and Play).

Better Cash Flow

  • Optimize stock and create continuous flows.
  • Transform your fixed costs to variable costs.
  • Reduce logistics expenses.
  • Reduce stock.

Reduce Risks

  • Reduce dependency on carriers and 3PL.
  • KPIs and management of partners and 3rd parties.
  • Ensure transport loss and damages.
  • Increase Trade Compliance..
  • Ensure materials and products availabilities.

Optimize Efficiency

  • Single Point of contact.
  • Standardized processses.
  • Early visibility and data quality.
  • Better Transport spend reports & cost allocation.

Focus on Core Activities

  • Focus on Core productive activities.
  • Reduce non core activities administrative tasks.
  • Eliminate waste of time. (Time is Money).